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Salzburg Airport can look back on a long and successful history. Since 85 years the airport serves as the main gateway for international guests to Mozart’s city, which is only a few miles south of the city centre situated. But it connects not only the capital of the Salzburg county to the world but also the whole Salzburg region and large parts of Bavaria, Styria, Upper Austria and Tyrol.

Salzburg Airport has defended its position as Austria’s biggest regional airport and could even extend this position. In 2007 over 1,9 million passengers were handeled for the first time. In the international ranking, Salzburg ranks as Europe’s 2nd biggest ski charter airport after Geneva. The traffic at Salzburg Airport is based on four columns. Scheduled service to the main hubs of the airline alliances oneworld and Star Alliance are ensured by Austrian Arrows in cooperation with Lufthansa and Austrian and British Airways. Also the more important became low cost carriers have a strong presence at Salzburg all year round: Air Berlin, Niki and Ryanair have a leading position offering services to main metropolitan areas of Europe. Also there is a fair amount of seasonal scheduled services offered by airlines like Aer Lingus, Norwegian or Transavia during winter. Beside the two “scheduled columns” there are also two “charter columns”. On the one hand are holiday flights from Salzburg to the holiday areas in the Mediterranean and the Canaries on the other hand there are many charter flights from Benelux, the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to bring holidaymakers to Salzburg and the nearby regions. 

But Salzburg Airport offers more than an attractive network of connections: The Amadeus Terminal 2 and the Hangar 7 are two stunning architectural sites which can cater all kinds of events. The Hangar 7 also houses its own aviation museum and a first class restaurant.

All together this makes Salzburg Airport to the most important airport between Munich, Vienna and Venice.