First landing of an Embraer 195 in Austria

For the first time an Embraer RJ (ERJ) 195 touched down at an Austrian airport on saturday, 16th December 2006. The English low cost airline flyB employs the new aircraft on its weekly flights from Salzburg to Birmingham and Exeter. 

Some interested aviation enthusiasts welcomed the brand new aircraft on the visitors terrace of Salzburg Airport.
The flight was operated by the only a few weeks old aircraft, wearing the registration G-FBEB. FlyBE is the first airline in Europe, to integrate this aircraft into its fleet. Alltogether 14 units of the ERJ195 are ordered and flyBE holds options for further aircrafts. The ERJ 195 substitutes the BAe 146 in the flyBE fleet.

The ERJ 195 is 38,65 meters long, 10,55 meters high and has a span of 28,72 meters. With a maximum take off weight is 50,7 metric tons it has an range of 3889 kilometers. The aircarft is powered by two General Electric CF34-10E6 engines. FlyBE seats 118 passengers in its ERJ 195.
Planes International had the chance to visit the aircarft at its first landing. The manufacturing is of good quality. The cockpit is fitted with 5 big screens and it makes a good working environment. During a short chat with the pilot, he mentioned that the aircraft is very smooth to fly. The ERJ 195 is faster and more economical than its predecessors. In comparison to the BAe 146-200 it consumes 30% less fuel and can carry 20% more passengers.
With a cabin height of 2 meters, also big travellers can stand in the aisle. A further big advantage are the big windows. Also the toilet facilities are fitted out comfortably.

  The cabin is fitted out with a single class layout which accommodates up to 118 passengers in comfortable leather seats.
The ERJ195 is scheduled to come to Salzburg every saturday twice until 07th April 2007. Who wants to try the new aircarft can do this on the flyBE services from Salzburg to Birmingham and Exeter. Fares start at 50 per person oneway and can be booked at www.flybe.com .